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KM West is a real estate company specializing in the home selling, home buying, investing, and investment portfolio consulting. Most real estate agents and team are driven by ego, putting the lead agent at the center of attention. KM West choose to have the best, brightest, and most experienced represent a brand rather than an individual. What does this mean for you? It means you’re the focus, not the agent. Having sold over 400 homes in the last three years we at KM West are confident we can support you and be the trusted professional you deserve. At KM West, we stand by one powerful code: Demand More, Never Settle.

Here are some tips from KM West on Buying and Selling during the Pandemic.

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The Taiwanese American Foundation of San Diego (TAFSD) was founded in 1996 with the dedication and commitment of the Taiwanese American Community in San Diego. TAFSD is incorporated in the State of California as a nonprofit, public, and charitable organization. Donations to TAFSD are tax deductible. The Taiwanese American Community Center (TACC) is an operational unit of TAFSD. For more information please visit:

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